Thursday, 21 March 2013

Register with before March 28th for the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD!
Yes, you heard right...anyone who registers with LCF Tutors as a Private Tutor, Online Tutor, Supply Teacher, Translator, or Customer before March 28th, will be entered into our FREE prize draw to WIN a Kindle Fire HD!

How to enter?
Simply visit our easy to use registration page where you can register FREE (to find private tutors, online tuition, supply teachers, translations), tutor, supply teacher or translator. Registration takes minutes and you will be automatically entered into the competition, as soon as you click the submit button.

Why register with LCF Tutors?  
Apart from offering you the chance to win a brand new Kindle Fire HD, LCF Tutors provides it's users with a quick, easy and modern way of giving or receiving private tuition! LCF Tutors takes the fuss out of private tutoring by sending customer tuition requests directly to tutors. They put private tutors and customers in direct contact with each other, through their unique site messaging system. This means users are able to arrange their specific requirements directly, with no interference from a third party.

How is LCF Tutors different to other providers?
Many old fashioned agencies specify lengthy interview processes and hefty tutor profiles, whilst charging introductory fees to customers, who must then pore through endless tutor profiles without ever having spoken to a tutor! LCF Tutors simply removes all the nonsense, by letting tutors contact customers directly. No need for interviews, no lengthy tutor profiles, no introductory costs or annual fees. Just register, request and we do the rest! Customers determine for themselves first hand, which private tutors are suitable and which offer the best terms. LCF Tutors does not interfere in this process at all, giving it's users full autonomy over their tuition.

What else does LCF Tutors offer?
As mentioned above, LCF Tutors does not simply limit it's users to traditional private tuition like so many existing agencies. It also offers customers online tuition, supply teaching and translation services, all under one roof. Tutors who register, have the opportunity to offer one or all of these teaching options as an LCF Tutor. If tutors wish to add or remove teaching options, they can do so at any time, simply by logging into their LCF Tutors account.
Customers (including schools and businesses) can also register for all of the above services at any time. Schools looking for supply cover who do not wish to register, can simply call us to book.

What is Online Tuition and does the competition include this?
Yes! If you only choose to register for online tuition, you will still be entered into our FREE prize draw to win a Kindle Fire HDOnline tutoring is quite simply remote private tuition via the internet, that can be provided from anywhere in the world. As you might imagine there are several advantages to e-learning...
  • having the largest pool of expert tutors & available customers to choose from
  • no additional travel expenses on top of tuition fees
  • no pressure of being face-to-face with your tutor/client
  • no need to travel for your tuition
Many thousands of parents, students and private tutors now opt for online tuition and LCF Tutors makes this easy for everyone. Register here to start giving online & private tuition today!


  1. Your welcome! Glad you found what you were looking for. If you have any more tuition requests just let us know, thanks.

  2. I am already registered on LCF Tutors! It is really amazing. I have pleased to read about the topic. By the way, the writing is super and informative. I think student will get a lot of help through the discussion. Thanks and keep posting things like this. Have a good day!