Thursday, 26 June 2014

Becoming a private tutor, whether online or in person, can be one of the most rewarding jobs around. After all, you’re actively helping people achieve their dreams and making a real difference in their lives. The things you teach them will hopefully stay with them forever. How many other careers can boast that? But like in many fields, it’s not always easy to find a [good] job these days. Tutor jobs can be tricky to come by, but if you've got five minutes, we recommend giving LCF Tutors a try. LCF is a snappy new online firm, offering an alternative to the traditional tuition agency. Tutor registration is free and they seem to have a network of learners who are looking for tutors just like you!

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How to find tutor jobs with LCF Tutors

The first step is to register as an LCF Tutor – it takes about 2 minutes (trust me I've tried). Once registered, you’ll be able to log in to the system at any time and browse the learners who are looking for help. It really is that easy! Even better, there are no obligations for you to take on teaching jobs; you simply get in touch with the clients you choose, at your convenience, and LCF even alert you directly when new tuition work is available in your subject/location. The site gives you a general feeling of confidence that the tutor jobs you take on will be perfectly suited to your schedule and skill-set.

How is LCF Tutors Different?

The key to LCF Tutors, its USP if you like, (and the reason I believe it is one of the most user-friendly sites currently on the market), is that clients don't need to waste time registering. I certainly haven't come across another online firm that offers such ease of use for its customers. However, if this isn't quite enough to draw customers to the site, LCF have also done away with the traditional tutor profile. This means that instead of spending hours poring through lengthy tutor resumes, clients simply make what LCF calls an 'Instant Tuition Request' on the site homepage, and tutors contact them directly though the internal site messaging system. According to a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, LCF Tutors aims to be “the first provider to offer a genuine ‘click and go’ private tuition product”. A quick look round the site tells you they aren't messing around!

Tutor jobs to fit your schedule

One of the most attractive aspects of being a private tutor is the flexibility the role offers. You can choose the hours you’d like to work and a work load to suit you. Browsing for tutor jobs via LCF Tutors is no different. You’re able to pick jobs that suit your schedule and work-life balance. You also have the choice of online tuition or face-to-face teaching, which helps with scheduling even more.
For more info visit LCF Tutors on the web at, or call 01359 233376.


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